Terms and Conditions
• Delivery time and date – It depends on a location of a buyer. The user must provide the country of residence, city and address to get the exact date and cost of delivery. (Inside the territory of Tbilisi shipping is free except the express delivery option. Delivery to destinations outside of Tbilisi costs 5 laris).
• Items already under the discount cannot be included in another sale.

Important information:
• Before purchasing an item, customer needs to provide a valid number on a credit/debit card and a right pin code.
• Delivery time starts from the moment of purchasing a product and consists of 2 business days. This time might be increased to 3 business days depending on the amount of purchases being made on a website. International delivery times are depended on shipping company.
• We keep in touch with both shipping companies to avoid difficulties with the delivery process.

Getting the item:
• Inside the boarders of Georgia the shipping process is lead by DHL, which requires signature of a buyer to get the product delivered.
If a buyer chooses not to sign the document, he/she takes the responsibility for lost or damaged item.
If a buyer signs a document, but could not manage to get the item on time, DHL will deliver it on the second day.
Buyer can choose not to leave a signature before making a purchase. In this case DHL will leave the item at address and will not be responsible if it gets lost, stolen or damaged.
• UPS and EMS are responsible for international shipping, customer can choose the company according to preference. Same terms and conditions apply to this case.

In case buyer signs a document on website, we take all responsibility for lost or damaged item before getting it to the shipping company. After this moment the shipping company is responsible for any loss or damage.

Payment and safety:
• Website uses Secure Socket Layer technology, which guaranties safety of a customer’s personal information. In a link inside a tab you will see “https” instead of ordinary “http”, which therefore means a secured server.
• For making a purchase you can use: Visa, Master Card. For purchasing an item, you need to provide the numbers given on your card, along with 3-digit pin-code given on the other side of the card. You can proceed to checkout after you have provided your precise address along with the credit/debit card information.
How to make a purchase:
1. First of all, you need to sign up on a website.
2. After that you should go to “Clothes”, “Shoes”, or “Accessories” section to find an item you are looking for. You can also take a look of designer catalogues, which are arranged by alphabet.
3. If you find an item you like, choose the right color, size and etc. Then you should add the desired product in your Shopping Bag by clicking “Add to shopping bag” button.
4. Then you can check your shopping bag by clicking on “view bag” button. After you are sure that everything is correct, click “Proceed to checkout”.
5. Make sure that credit/debit card information and address are correct and make a payment.

Selecting the right size:
• Click the link next to an item, which will show you the size chart. This will help you choose the right size.

Sales, discounts and promo codes:
Website offers seasonal sales (in winter and summer) and occasional discounts. Moreover, N-DUO offers promo discounts. The customer will get the code for appropriate promo discount, which will give access to appropriate discount when activated.

Your profile on a website:
• To make a purchase you need to sign up on a website.
• Remembering address and credit/debit card information on a website.
• Add item of your choice in your “Shopping Bag”.
• Change shipping information or website in case it is needed.