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    They say conflict builds character. And sometimes, it creates two.
    Willa & Mae is what happens when two wonderfully opposing ideas get into bed. An independent range of sustainably produced sleepwear, Willa & Mae is at once rebellious and delicate, lavish and classic, and bold but gentle when it counts.

    As a team, we agonise over every stitch. Then sit back to watch the silk flow.
    We want to treat the fingers. Thrill the toes. And embrace every temperament. From dawn to dusk and dawn again.

    We believe it’s not a choice, but a responsibility to stand behind our local craftspeople. We’re here to change the perception of what’s possible for our country – a place that often gets forgotten on the map. Because we know, dreams can lead you just about anywhere.

    When Willa leaves, Mae picks up.
    We daydream about the moon. Then wake to the rising sun.
    And we’d like to do it all with you.