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    Every cool girl is half boy – this is the message Blazé Milano designers live by, ensuring their chic collection of blazers are an everyday essential. The brand was curated by three Italian friends, Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri, Delfina Pinardi and Sole Torlonia, who met whilst working as stylists for Elle and decided to come together to produce a line of tailoring based on individual passions. Horse riding, maritime uniforms and a fascination with Britain's Victorian Era are the inspirations behind their exclusive blazers, with each piece being expertly crafted by a Milanese tailor. However, the unique element to their brand involves a re-adaptation based on the wearer’s preferences and personality. 

    With extensive experience in the fashion industry (past CVs include Ralph Lauren, Fendi and Valentino), these girls know exactly what they’re doing in terms of making you look and feel incredible. The fashionable collective behind the brand believe in personalisation with details including bespoke fitting, handmade gold buttons and unique pockets for your iPhone. It’s also suggested that the blazer is a versatile wardrobe addition for any woman – it can be paired with jeans for a casual, daytime look or even draped over an evening dress for a chic ensemble.

    Combining historical, sartorial elements with the need for a useful, everyday cover-up, the Blazé Milano collection can be perectly suited to a number of your current outfits. It’s an effortless outerwear choice which remains consistently on-trend and will be a timeless classic which will last you a lifetime.