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    Short for All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm and founded in 2012, A.W.A.K.E is a London-based clothing label created by Natalia Alaverdian. Following on from her role as a Fashion Director for Russian Harper’s Bazaar, Natalia’s previous experience included styling, art direction and photography, yet she set her sights on pursuing a career in design and created a brand based on the element of storytelling aspirations.

    The A.W.A.K.E clothing range traditionally consists of classic garment shapes including shirting, tailored coats and dresses and transforms them into a series of inspirational references. Design features include reflections of history, film, art and also particular animals or characters, which are then infused for commercial viability. These beautiful wardrobe additions also take major reference from Japanese art and culture, creating a unique array of quality clothing.

    Each conceptual piece accentuates the female figure using a variety of tailored silhouettes, as well as infusing lavish textures such as velvet gowns and peacock feather trims. The playful energy of the collection has also captured the attention of an elite fashion crowd including Miroslava Duma, Natalie Joos, Alexa Chung and Kim Kardashian.

    The bold colour combinations, distinctive cuts of fabric and idiosyncratic design influences are a growing success for the Russian-born designer – A.W.A.K.E is a wardrobe requirement that is sure to make a statement.